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OpenDesk offers any company the possibility of submitting its innovation needs that can be solved by Modelling Simulation and Optimization technologies in a Data rich Environment (MSO-DE). It is devoted to coordinate and facilitate the necessary exchanges in the field of application-driven mathematical research and its exploitation for innovations in industry, science, and society.

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EU-Maths-IN is a European network present in 20 countries with almost 400 research centres and more than 9,000 researchers specialized in different fields of industrial mathematics. Our goal is to make companies more competitive through technology transfer between mathematics and industry.

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We can provide European industry, including SMEs and start-ups, with a competitive advantage by harnessing the scientific excellence of the continent.
OpenDesk offers you a single access point to Mathematical Technology, ensuring that your challenges are tackled and developed by the most capable centres in the field of Industrial Mathematics.

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We deliver results to the demands of industry, providing added value and being a driving force for innovation. We solve companies’ challenges/problems through customised models based on mathematical technologies.

Your project may be referred to more than 9,000 researchers across Europe for assessment. Moreover, to keep your business core ideas safe, an NDA or data anonymisation may be considered.


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We deliver results tailored to industry requirements, providing added value and being a driving force for innovation.

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Price modelling on heavy-duty assitance contracts

Mathematics for smart meals

Monitoring Tool for Steel Continuous Casting Mold


We have provided MSO-DE technology for companies of different sectors and sizes.

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    On the occasion of the OpenDesk kick-off:
    The role of industrial mathematics and mathematics is huge … many of the challenges or opportunities which companies have are particularly complex. Companies require mathematical technologies capable of considering different options to make decisions once the risks of different scenarios have been assessed.

    Mervi KarikorpiHead of EU Innovation and Industrial Policies. Technology Industries of Finland

    On the occasion of the OpenDesk kick-off:
    While managing a Supply Chain, the most critical variable is the availability, and in order to work on availability we need huge investments, mainly on procurement, stock management, and logistics management, and hence we need calculations, we need programming.
    We are now leading the industry because we develop very comprehensive procurement and stock control systems to support our decisions.

    Júlio RodriguesExecutive Board Member. Chief Corporate Officer. NORS Group, Portugal

    On the occasion of the OpenDesk kick-off:
    Research in mathematics plays a crucial role on the technological progress but it is essential for socioeconomic progress as well
    Health, energy, energy transition, sustainable mobility: there are many examples that point out how there is a lot of potential (in mathematics) for us, for the European economy, for the European firms to compete in the global arena and to contribute to our economy and to increase the employment.

    Diego Vizcaino DelgadoManaging Partner of Applied Economics area. Afi, Spain

    On the occasion of the OpenDesk kick-off:
    A glance on the involvement of Mathematics in the projects we are currently supporting under the pathfinder initiative, and even in the previous programme under the Future Emerging Technologies, show that approximately one third of the projects involves modelling, optimisation, analytics, applied mathematics...

    Martin LangeDeputy Head of Unit of the Pathfinder at European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA)

    On the occasion of the OpenDesk kick-off:
    The OpenDesk can help us to access mathematical knowledge and competences.
    We are currently developing the use of Mathematics on three main roads: Business and Data Analytics, Marketing data and Telematics.
    Being able to predict events and to act well in time is critical.

    Júlio RodriguesExecutive Board Member. Chief Corporate Officer. NORS Group, Portugal

    OTEA enables decision support in real time offering a 24/7 service through its control centre. It is estimated an energy saving of 7% per installation, a reduction of 30% in preventive maintenance visits and a reduction of 20% in corrective maintenance.


    One year after the full implementation, the company Mean Daily Stock was reduced around 18%.

    Nors GroupPortugal

    MALDI imaging has become a standard bioanalytic procedure in pharmaceutical and medical research. Present developments aim at implementing MSI based procedures into clinical routine applications particular for supporting tumor diagnostics.

    Proteopath GmbH & Bruker Daltonik GmbHGermany

    An efficient real-time reconstructor for large Adaptive Optics (AO) systems implemented and optimized for Microgate’s AO control hardware


    The company has an efficient and integrated data-driven framework to design, optimize and validate the hull shape. Moreover, the modularity of the pipeline allows to replace the components or extend them.

    Fincantieri S.p.A.Italy

    Use of up-to date machine learning algorithms in a risk management software... FlightScanner software is now available as a product of the company.

    Safety LineFrance

    The tracking device together with the mathematical model allow to improve races strategy and horse training.


    Development of a rigorous physics-based simulator of batteries for electric cars.

    REPSOL S.A.Spain