A European Network for Mathematical Technologies

“Mathematics is an essential factor in industrial value creation and a driver of innovation, but its contributions are often invisible in the final industrial products”

A one-stop shop for European industry

Democratize access to industrial mathematics for companies, start-ups and SMEs.

EU-Maths-IN approved in 2022 the creation of its Open Desk, a platform that will be a one-stop shop for European industry. The intention is that companies (in a broad sense, that is, any commercial or public activity outside the field of education and scientific research) can submit their main challenges to the best European centres of industrial mathematics. Then, tailored solutions will be developed according to their needs, giving democratize access to companies, start-ups and SMEs to industrial mathematics and providing them solutions at the frontier of knowledge in this field of science.

Access more than 400 research centres

EU-Maths-IN is a Dutch foundation made up of 20 European national networks with more than 400 research centres that have researchers specialized in different fields of industrial mathematics. Our main objective is to promote technology transfer between the field of Industrial Mathematics and industry, making it more competitive and efficient through the effective resolution of industrial problems through MSO technology.

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Our network


IMNA – Industrial Mathematics Network for Austria


BE-MATHS-IN – Belgian Network for Mathematics in Industry


CRO-MATHS-IN – Croatian society for applied and industrial mathematics

Czech Republic

Czech Network for Mathematics in Industry


Finnish National Network on Mathematical Modelling


AMIES – Agence pour les mathématiques en interaction avec l’entreprise et la société


KoMSO – Committee for Mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation


Hungarian Service Network for Mathematics in Industry and Innovations


Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry


Sportello Matematico per l’Innovazione e le Imprese

The Netherlands

Platform Wiskunde Nederland


The Norwegian network of mathematics for Industry and Innovation


PL-MATHS-IN-Polish Service Network for mathematics in Industry and Innovations


PT-MATHS-IN – Rede Portuguesa de Matemática para a Indústria e Inovação


RoCAMI – Romanian Consortium of Applied Mathematics in Industry


Math-in – Red española matemática-industria

Sweden – Swedish Network for Mathematics in Industry

United Kingdom

Newton Gateway to Mathematics

Does your project need a boost?

We help you analyse, assess and implement your most ambitious ideas.